Madison County Nursing Home Administrator Daniel Logan shows off the new facility.
Madison County Nursing Home Administrator Daniel Logan shows off the new facility.
Seasons Assisted Living Facility, located in Canton, opened its doors just last month to all elderly citizens searching for a new lease on life. This home away from home was designed to bridge the gap between the nursing home lifestyle and independent residence by providing a safe, fully staffed environment around the clock.

"Madison County Nursing Home is a county-owned, non-profit facility," said Administrator Daniel Logan. He explained that the administration strives to serve the community in all possible ways. "We have noticed a growing need for those who don't need nursing home care but cannot live alone. When we recognized that need, we built Seasons Assisted Living."

A few trips to the drawing board revealed that Madison County needed more than an unimaginative, impersonal living space for its aging residents. Instead, the administrative board planned a 10-bedroom, 11-bathroom facility intended to become a home for those who chose to live there. "One of the main things would be the small community feel," explained Logan. "Here, you're not part of a big crowd."

The assisted living facility provides assistance with house-keeping, transportation and personal care. Residents are given three meals a day as well as snacks and are allowed independent use of the kitchen and other amenities. Assistance with medications from licensed nurses is available during the day, and those who need nursing home care in the future will be awarded first priority.

"Someone who resides there can keep their own car and come and go as they wish," Logan explained the independent nature of the facility. "We have a common area, a smaller den, a spa area with a whirl pool, and a beautician that comes in once a week," he said. The assisted living facility also offers daily activities such as sewing, gardening and use of the nursing home's Wellness Center complete with strength equipment and a wheel-chair accessible indoor swimming pool.

"It couldn't be any nicer," said Billie Terry, current Seasons resident. Though she did not know what to expect upon moving in, she explained that she was pleasantly surprised by the quality food and friendly caretakers. "This is more like home," Terry shared. "Those ladies out there take good care of me."

Though residents are given autonomy and independence, the staff are never very far away. The push of a button can summon bedside aid immediately. "In building an assisted facility," said Logan, "we wanted to build something that anybody in the county would be proud of, and that's what we feel like we've done." He believes that living in this type of facility can help elderly men and women maintain a healthy life style.

"There are plans to build more if there is a greater need," he added. "Instead of adding another wing, we would build a separate facility to keep that same small community feel." Community has always been important to those who live in Madison County, and the county's new assisted living facility has been designed to make sure that never changes for locals.