In the midst of building a 4G LTE network ready for September, C Spire Wireless also announced its decision to offer home phone service.

C Spire Wireless launched a new service this week that provides high-quality home phone service using the company's personalized wireless network instead of a landline or broadband connection.

C Spire Home Phone Connect service features a fixed wireless voice terminal that offers unlimited local and long-distance calling while on the company's personalized network for $20 a month with a two-year contract and a one-time $49.99 device charge or $159.99 without a contract.

"There's no reason for consumers to continue to pay expensive monthly landline bills when they can switch to C Spire Wireless, keep their same phone number and get unlimited local and nationwide calling and all the usual custom calling features they'd expect from a phone service," said Wade Smith, vice president of products and innovation for C Spire Wireless.

For consumers where it makes sense to keep some home-based telecommunications services, such as baby sitters, young children or some seniors who may be unfamiliar or uncomfortable with a mobile phone, the Home Phone Connect service offers convenience, reliability and cost savings over traditional landline service, Smith said.

The device is compatible with most conventional corded and cordless phones, including multiple handsets, with the exception of some digital phones used with PBX systems. "There's no need to buy anything new and the base unit has built-in battery backup so your service stays up even when the power goes down," Smith said.

Consumer confidence in wireless service as an alternative to traditional landline service is at an all-time high with several southeastern states leading the nation in landline replacement and more than one out of every three users in the U.S. relying solely on wireless service, according to an April 2011 CDC research report.

"These trends show that consumers prefer wireless service over fixed-line residential phone service as a more cost effective solution to their telecommunications needs," Smith said. "With C Spire's Home Phone Connect service, customers get the best of both worlds - an inexpensive alternative to landline service coupled with the reliability of the nation's only personalized network."