After making the announcement in March, C Spire's steady progression toward introducing the new 4G LTE (Fourth Generation Long Term Evolution) network remains on schedule to premier in September.

"Wireless networks are all about coverage, quality and speed, and the C Spire Wireless personalized network cannot be beat," said Hu Meena, President and CEO for C Spire Wireless.

Since investing an initial $60 million for the introductory stage, C Spire has managed to stay on budget while achieving desired testing and optimization results.

"We're very pleased with both the download and upload speeds we've achieved in field testing," said Eric Hollingsworth, vice president of Network Operations for C Spire Wireless. "Our field engineers are reporting data speeds up to 10 times faster than 3G on a consistent basis."

In addition, C Spire has installed and tested core network elements, implemented base statement equipment on more than 360 cell sites, as well as integrated Ethernet backhaul at nearly 70 sites. The new service will be the first in the state to provide 4G speeds up to 10 times faster than 3G to 20 Mississippi markets covering 2,700 miles.

According to Media Relations Manager Dave Miller, the company released news in May concerning optimization testing in the Madison County area, which indicated positive results in network speed.

"We received good results in terms of network speeds which will be expected to be achieved on our network as a result of the upgrades we're making so that we can provide 4G LTE services," he said.

As many carriers begin moving into the next generation of high-speed mobile and broadband service, mobile providers have several options to choose from, however, C Spire has chosen to use "the gold standard" of services to ensure customers quality performance.

"We have chosen to use the LTE (Long Term Evolution) service, which is really the gold standard of services," Miller said. "It's going to allow us to offer customers the fastest data speed possible it's a significant improvement in overall performance and it really does make the Smartphone a multi-capable device."

With the premiere of the new network, C Spire will also be unveiling the latest 4G LTE Smartphone - the Samsung Galaxy S III. The company plans to announce the price of the phone sometime between late July and early August.

"Samsung has a great product and they've been leading the android space as far as their mobile operations bases for smart phones go," Miller said. "This particular device has really received raving reviews from all corners and it's really the next step up in terms of smart phones."

However, while C Spire may have landed the next best smart phone in the android market, they still have more to announce, as well as some "connected devices" which are USB-enabled devices like tablets, capable of receiving 4G LTE speeds.

"It's the first 4G LTE device that we've announced but it's definitely not going to be the only one. We hope to be able to in the next several weeks announce some additional devices like more LTE Smart phones as well as 'Connected Devices,'" Miller said.

C Spire plans to continue updating the public on their progress in readying the new network so that service can begin on schedule in the fall.