Madison County Chancery Clerk Arthur Johnston was elected secretary treasurer of the as elected president of the Mississippi Chancery Clerks Association last month in Tupelo during their 90th annual convention.

W. E. "Sluggo" Davis of DeSoto County was elected president.

Doug Touchstone of Pike County was elected vice presiden.

"This is a big honor for me and for DeSoto County," said Davis after his election.

Currently in his seventh term as Chancery Clerk, Davis is known throughout the state for his office efficiency.

Of Davis, Johnston said "Sluggo is known all over Mississippi for running a business-like operation.

"I think he handles more work and more filings than just about anybody - and he does it at less cost to the taxpayers and with comparatively fewer people.

Many of us try to emulate his processes, so I'm delighted he's leading our Association over the next year."

Like Davis, Chancery Clerk Doug Touchstone was honored at his election as Vice President.

"I am grateful to the people of Pike County for re-electing me to this important office, and I am humbled to be asked to help lead our state-wide organization."

Chancery Clerks perform a variety of critical functions in county government and are far more than mere filing clerks.

Among many other duties, state law says that Chancery Clerks record and properly index all records affecting real property in their counties based on detailed legal descriptions; serve as County Treasurer overseeing all county finances; collect, account for, and release all delinquent real property taxes; and administer the civil commitment process.