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Wednesday, June 5, 2019 12:00 PM
In a March 1973 staff memo under the subheading “General Responsiveness,” then-newly-elected Congressman Thad Cochran wrote that he’d detected a “very strong animosity among the people toward government and those associated with government bureaus and agencies.”
  • “My religion defines who I am. And I’ve been a practicing Catholic my whole life,” said Vice President Joe Biden in 2012. “I accept my church’s position on abortion as ... doctrine. Life begins at conception. ... I just refuse to impose that on others.”
  • Clarity of thought and expression about moral issues is not a core competency of CEOs.
  • GETTING THE MESSAGE/Colossians 2:13-15
    It is hard for us to even imagine the value of our souls. Our lives are like a mist, a vapor that passes away very quickly. We tend to barely consider our days or what life is. The Bible tells us that true life is to know God, and we can only know him through Christ. Because of sin, we don’t know God naturally. We think wrongly about ourselves and him. This passage gives us clarity.
  • For a president who won his office by denouncing the Middle East wars into which George W. Bush and Barack Obama plunged the nation, Donald Trump has assembled the most unabashedly hawkish conclave of foreign policy advisers in memory. And he himself seems to concede the point. 
  • Breaking news: Some guy posted a doctored video of Nancy Pelosi.
  • DUNCAN/The Reunion
    Please turn to Genesis 45:1-28. This passage gives us an unmistakable presentation of God's providence. We often think of God's providence as a mysterious doctrine that is best left to the theologian. But as far as Moses is concerned, that is absolutely incorrect. It is precisely the doctrine of God's providence that enables us 
  • GETTING THE MESSAGE/Colossians 2:11-12
    During the Memorial Day observances, I saw a clip of a Jewish lady from Poland meeting an American soldier of WWII who was in the division that liberated her from a concentration camp. She recalled how the soldiers seemed as angels to her, sweeping in on tanks and trucks. They not only liberated her, but they wept over her dismal condition and showered her with food and clothes.
  • After a stroke felled Woodrow Wilson during his national tour to save his League of Nations, an old rival, Sen. Albert Fall, went to the White House to tell the president, “I have been praying for you, Sir.” 
  • President Donald Trump may be guilty of many things, but a cover-up in the Mueller probe isn’t one of them.
  • DUNCAN/A cup in the sack
    Please turn to Genesis 44:1-34. In this passage, Joseph tests of the hearts of his brothers. He had been severely wounded by them when he was sold into slavery in his youth. As Joseph reflects on his family, he recognizes that his relationship with them had always been estranged. Therefore, Joseph wanted to see if God had changed their hearts after they had been reunited by God’s providence.
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