County supervisors nixed the idea of placing a moratorium on commercial development in the footprint of the new city of Gluckstadt. 

Chancery Judge James Walker created the boundaries for the new city of Gluckstadt following a years-long incorporation battle.

If the incorporation is not appealed and is subsequently approved by the Mississippi Secretary of State’s Office, Gluckstadt can begin holding city meetings in mid-May. 

Walker issued his final order this week and the deadline to appeal is April 22.

Last Monday, Gluckstadt resident Jill Harris asked supervisors to place a moratorium on any new commercial development in the pending city limits until the appeal period had passed.

“This gives the citizens more choices in that area,” she said. 

District 5 Supervisor Paul Griffin objected, saying he had a “statutory duty to grow the county” and increase property values. 

“To stop and put a moratorium on growth we’ll be sending all that growth to Rankin County,” he said. “Once that water gets to flowing we won’t be able to stop it. We are competitors now with Rankin. I’m not interested in giving up any type growth.”

Griffin said once Gluckstadt officially becomes a city he would be happy for them to take control. 

Harris disagreed with Griffin’s statement, saying not much commercial development would be shifted to Rankin County during the window for appeal. 

Board Attorney Katie Bryant Snell said by the time the county would put into effect a moratorium, the appeal window would pass anyway. 

Snell said there isn’t a moratorium law in the state and they would essentially be passing a land use or development moratorium subject to a public hearing process. 
“By the time you do that, (the appeal) window would be up,” she said. 

Supervisors did not take any action on Harris’ request. 

Back in June 2018 before the Gluckstadt incorporation hearing even began, supervisors were split on implementing a moratorium on certain developments such as convenience stores and storage units. Local residents have asked supervisors multiple times for a moratorium until Gluckstadt becomes a city.