MADISON — Police are investigating an alleged assault at the Walmart Supercenter parking lot off Grandview Boulevard last Tuesday.  

Theresa Cummins posted on Facebook her depiction of events that occurred at approximately 4:50 p.m. She has since made her post private.  

“I just got assaulted in the Walmart parking lot in Madison,” she wrote. “Black girl pulls up behind a man pulling into handicap spot jumps out of her car with profanity blaring on the radio, left her door open, she goes up to the older man’s window.”

Cummins said the woman accused the man of “flipping the bird,” which he denied. Cummins then wrote that the woman asked her what she was looking at, which she responded, “You, looking like you’re losing it.”

Cummins then wrote the woman turned the radio down and came and hit her between the eyes and in the arm before grabbing her shirt.

From there, Cummins said she grabbed a bag of groceries to defend herself and the bag split open. Store security arrived and she filed a police report.  

Capt. Kevin Newman with the Madison Police Department confirmed an incident happened and a police report was filed at the station.  

“She refused medical attention,” Newman said of Cummins. “She later came back and we documented some bruising on her arm.”

Newman said they have reviewed surveillance footage from the Walmart parking lot, but they were unable to capture a license plate number from the alleged assailant.  

“The video shows some type of verbal altercation between a female outside and a male inside of a parked truck in a handicap parking area,” Newman said. “As the altercation appeared to be ending, the female walked across the row and had some type of verbal altercation with the victim.  

“The female placed her finger into the victim’s facial area appearing to push her in the forehead along with some other pushing/pulling/tugging between the victim and the suspect,” Newman continued. “The victim then attempted to strike the female with her grocery bag.”

From there, Newman said the suspect entered her vehicle and drove off.  

Anyone with information on the incident is encouraged to contact the Madison Police Department at (601) 856-6111.