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Wednesday, August 9, 2017 6:00 PM
Our readers, no doubt, have heard of the old 1-2, when someone is punched in the gut, crumples over and they’re punched in the face before they really know what hit them, like a Mike Tyson knock out.

In Madison County, there’s the old
  • GETTING THE MESSAGE/Exodus 4:1-9
    We have observed in the book of Exodus that God makes plain his purposes to Moses; what he is going to do, why he is doing it, and what the result will be. God appeared to Moses in the burning bush. He told Moses his name, that he is “I am”, meaning that he has always existed, always will, and is infinitely over his creation.
  • GETTING THE MESSAGE/Exodus 3:16-22
    In this passage God is continuing to speak to Moses from out of the burning bush. He has revealed his name, I Am, to Moses and now He gives instructions to Moses as to what he is to say to the Israelites and to Pharaoh. He also tells Moses what the initial response will be from both parties.

    One of the things emphasized to Moses is the prominence of God’s promise. He repeats in verse 16 what he had said in verse 15. He is the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. The Israelites are to realize God is
  • DUNCAN/ I do not know Him
    Turn in your Bible to Luke 22:54-62. In this passage we come to the denial of Jesus by Peter. This moving and heartbreaking story hsd three messages that I want us to focus on together. This passage teaches us something about our sin and the way that that sin is leveraged so that we go on to greater defections. This passage also teaches us something about the infinite mercy and grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and it teaches us about the nature and necessity of true repentance. And so I want to meditate on those three themes with you.
  • BIER/Ignorant immigration reform
    This article appeared on The New York Times on August 4, 2017.

    Republican senators Tom Cotton of Arkansas and David Perdue of Georgia recently introduced a bill that they said would cut legal immigration to the United States by 50 percent. They are right about that, but nearly everything else that they have said about their bill is false or misleading.
  • BROOKS/Getting Trump out of my brain
    Last week The Washington Post published transcripts of Donald Trump’s conversations with foreign leaders. A dear friend sent me an email suggesting I read them because they reveal how Trump’s mind works. But as I tried to click the link a Bartleby-like voice in my head said, “I would prefer not to.” I tried to click again and the voice said: “No thanks. I’m full.”

    For the past two years Trump has taken up an amazing
  • LOWRY/Google’s hypocrisy
    The first thing to know about the instantly infamous “anti-diversity screed” written by an anonymous Google software engineer is that it isn’t anti-diversity or a screed.

    The loaded description, widely used in the press and on social media, is symptomatic of the pearl-clutching over the memo, which questions the premises and effectiveness of Google’s diversity policies.
  • GETTING THE MESSAGE/Exodus 3:13-15
    In this passage God reveals his name to Moses. God had told Moses he was sending him to Egypt to bring the children of Israel out. Moses no doubt had many questions. The one he voices in verse 13 is when the people of Israel ask what your name is what am I to tell them?

        A name in that age was significant. It reflected something about the person. The Israelites were very familiar with the Egyptian gods.
  • LATINO/Recent History Shows UAW is a Bad Gamble
    The future of the Nissan plant in Canton may be dramatically impacted next week. That is when workers will decide whether to hand over hundreds of dollars per year from their paychecks to the United Auto Workers (UAW) union, located 920 miles away in Detroit, Michigan.

    If the union is certified, workers could pay up to $600 per year in dues. For that amount of money, a Canton resident could pay for 300 gallons of gas, nearly an entire month’s rent, or about a month’s worth of groceries. What would workers be getting in return? Not much.
  • DUNCAN/‘Betrayal’
    Open your Bible to Luke 22:47-53. Have you ever been so stunned that you can't speak? I know what that's like, and what strikes me as I look at this passage is how unsurprised the Savior is by the ambush of these assailants. He is prepared not only to respond to them but to assume the position of the person who is in charge and to serve as a physician of souls in complete trust of His sovereign heavenly Father. And I'd like to look with you at how we see that.
  • TANNER/Healthcare debate not going away
    If you thought that last week’s debacle marked the end of the health-care debate, guess again. As much as Republicans in Congress would like to move on to other things, the issue isn’t going anywhere.

    First, of course, none of Obamacare’s failures have gone away. Millions of Americans are still forced to buy overpriced, l
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